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The Best Salmon and Trout Jerky

Enjoy snacks from the sea. The Good Jerky crafts award winning, flavorful salmon and trout jerky for those looking for a healthy, grab and go snack.

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So what makes our fish jerky special?

High Protein Healthy Snacks

We understand that many people want to eat healthy while not sacrificing flavor. Our process removes much of the “fishy” taste from our salmon jerky and trout jerky, allowing the marinades to really shine through. It’s healthy and tasty, an easy snack for the health conscious on the go.

What makes fish jerky GOOD jerky?

Delicious Heart Healthy Snacks


its really really good for you. 18

Each serving of fish jerky contains up to 12 grams of protein and is packed with Omega-3s which assist with cardiovascular, brain, joint, eye and skin health.

its really really good for you. 16

A portion of fish jerky sales proceeds are donated to the research and prevention of heart disease.

its really really good for you. 17

The fish are sustainably farmed and the bags are made of recyclable plastic, allowing the material to be used over and over again. Recycle Responsibly!

Our kitchen is always up to something GOOD!


We’re not the only ones that love our jerky.