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Quentin and his wife, Lauren.


Growing up in Texas, one thing I was taught to love at an early age was some good ol’ Texas chili and barbecue. As I grew older, I realized that the addictive taste of red meat was just a cover for some of the critical indispositions that stem from eating it. With a history of diseases running in my family, I figured I should make a conscious effort to reduce the probability of me and my wife developing one. Eventually, we tried to become vegetarians. This led me to feeling better overall, but I was losing weight and always hungry. Even after eating all day, the vegetables were just not filling. I decided to add fish to my diet as well and it helped satisfy my hunger (not to mention seafood is also my favorite). I never knew about the health benefits from various fish, including benefits for the heart that help combat heart disease. I actually felt better compared to being a vegetarian.

A couple of weeks after the change, I had a co-worker come up to me around lunch and request me to start heating up my food on another floor. I guess not everyone enjoys the smell of seafood like me. I began contemplating on ways to enjoy the fish without the perpetuating smell. My mind immediately went to dried fish, aka jerky. I ordered a dehydrator and tried the first thing I could get my hands on, salmon. Months and months of trial and error has allowed me to create succulent and tender seafood snacks. Hope you all enjoy and I hope this gets you one step closer to living a long, good life.

Quentin, Co-Founder

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